Forsport – Soccer Fitness Training Vol 1


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Proven agility & co-ordination exercises as used at many of the top pro soccer clubs in the football league by Roberto Forzoni, holder of the FA Fitness Instructors Award. Roberto Forzoni expertly takes coaches through key elements which not only improves individual players but also encourages your team to work together as a successful unit.
Areas covered are:
– Covers change of direction
– Change of pace
– Speed
– Acceleration
– Deceleration
– Balance
– Footwork & agility
This DVD is also available to purchase in a special offer bundle. Please call 0208 658 2007 for more information.
The Forsport Masterclass Collection Series has been digitally remastered with updated covers.
‘With over 30 years experience involved in football at levels from professional to the youngest juniors and I have now become more involved in the coaching side. I used ‘Fitness Training for Soccer’ by Roberto Forzoni which is absolutely excellent, I really have found his material excellent for my needs.’
Bob Briggs, London.